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Journal of Behavioral Addictions - 2020. 9. évf. 2. sz.
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1.  The 21-item Barratt Impulsiveness Scale Revised (BIS-R-21): An alternative three-factor model
2.  Altered brain network topology related to working memory in internet addiction
3.  Altered core networks of brain connectivity and personality traits in internet gaming disorder
4.  Comparing generalized and specific problematic smartphone/internet use: Longitudinal relationships between smartphone application-based addiction and social media addiction and psychological distress
5.  The Conceptual Framework of Harmful Gambling: A revised framework for understanding gambling harm
6.  Co-occurrences of substance use and other potentially addictive behaviors: Epidemiological results from the Psychological and Genetic Factors of the Addictive Behaviors (PGA) Study
7.  The development of the Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder Scale (CSBD-19): An ICD-11 based screening measure across three languages
8.  Family history of substance use disorders: Significance for mental health in young adults who gamble
9.  Hands-off: Study protocol of a two-armed randomized controlled trial of a web-based self-help tool to reduce problematic pornography use
10.  How have excessive electronics devices and Internet uses been concerned? Implications for global research agenda from a bibliometric analysis
11.  Impact of COVID-19 on gaming disorder: Monitoring and prevention
12.  The influence of chronological age on cognitive biases and impulsivity levels in male patients with gambling disorder
13.  Inhibitory control in poker: Do experienced non-pathological poker gamblers exhibit better performance than healthy controls on motor, verbal and emotional expression inhibition?
14.  Inhibitory neuromodulation of the putamen to the prefrontal cortex in Internet gaming disorder: How addiction impairs executive control
15.  Internet, gaming, and smartphone usage patterns of children and adolescents in Korea: A c-CURE clinical cohort study
16.  The interplay of gaming disorder, gaming motivations, and the dark triad
17.  Low self-control and aggression exert serial mediation between inattention/hyperactivity problems and severity of internet gaming disorder features longitudinally among adolescents
18.  The mediation role of work-life balance stress and chronic fatigue in the relationship between workaholism and depression among Chinese male workers in Hong Kong
19.  Morbid exercise behaviour and eating disorders: A meta-analysis
20.  Occurrence and clinical characteristics of Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder (CSBD): A cluster analysis in two independent community samples
21.  Pornography use in the setting of the COVID-19 pandemic
22.  Positive play and its relationship with gambling harms and benefits
23.  The prevention paradox applies to some but not all gambling harms: Results from a Finnish population-representative survey
24.  Problematic online gaming and the COVID-19 pandemic
25.  Testing the transdiagnostic hypothesis of inhibitory control deficits in addictions: An experimental study on gambling disorder
26.  Validation of a Brief Pornography Screen across multiple samples

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