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Journal of Behavioral Addictions - 2019. 8. évf. 4. sz.
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1.  Attentional bias in Internet users with problematic use of social networking sites
2.  Cybersex use and problematic cybersex use among young Swiss men: Associations with sociodemographic, sexual, and psychological factors
3.  DSM-5 Internet gaming disorder among a sample of Mexican first-year college students
4.  Functional neural changes and altered cortical-subcortical connectivity associated with recovery from Internet gaming disorder
5.  The gambler's fallacy in problem and non-problem gamblers
6.  Linking parental mediation practices to adolescents' problematic online screen use: A systematic literature review
7.  A meta-analysis of psychological interventions for Internet/smartphone addiction among adolescents
8.  The psychology of "swiping": A cluster analysis of the mobile dating app Tinder
9.  Reciprocal relationship between depression and Internet gaming disorder in children: A 12-month follow-up of the iCURE study using cross-lagged path analysis
10.  Relationships between addictive Facebook use, depressiveness, insomnia, and positive mental health in an inpatient sample: A German longitudinal study
11.  Similar roles for recovery capital but not stress in women and men recovering from gambling disorder
12.  Smartphone addiction in students: A qualitative examination of the components model of addiction using face-to-face interviews
13.  Spiritual experiences are related to engagement of a ventral frontotemporal functional brain network: Implications for prevention and treatment of behavioral and substance addictions
14.  A systematic review of gambling-related findings from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions
15.  To chase or not to chase: A study on the role of mentalization and alcohol consumption in chasing behavior
16.  Unique versus shared associations between self-reported behavioral addictions and substance use disorders and mental health problems: A commonality analysis in a large sample of young Swiss men

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