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Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine - 2015. 21. évf. 1-2. sz.
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1.  Analysis of Radiation-Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Damage in Mice by in vivo Bio-Imaging Technique
2.  Cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity of Captan in in vitro Micronucleus Test
3.  Functional Neurotoxicity and General Toxicity of Amitraz, in Combination with Two Other Insecticides, in Subchronic Oral Administration to Rats
4.  Harmful Mental Health Impact of Unemployment Effect of Unemployment on the Anger Scale - Among the Roma and Non-Roma (Hungarian) Unemployed in the Ózd Micro-Region
5.  Indoor Air Quality in Hospitality Venues Before and After the Smoking Ban
6.  Lifestyle and Environmental Risk Factors of Spontaneous Abortion, Preterm Birth and Low Birth Weight
7.  Pellet Stove Fuel as a Source of Fungal Contaminants - a Case Study
8.  Public Exposure to Radiofrequency Around Terrestrial Digital Video Broadcast Stations
9.  Radon-Exposure: Public Health Aspects
10.  Status of Implementation of Cancer Screening Programmes in Hungary
11.  Weekly Levels of Air Pillution During Pregnancy and Risk of Low Birth Weight

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