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Acta Chirurgica Hungarica - 1990. 31. évf. 3. sz.
Kapcsolódó tételek

1.  Changes in hepatic blood flow in jaundice due to hilar carcinomas, the so-called Klatskin tumours
2.  Evaluation of preoperative hospitalization duration in skin flora
3.  Inflammatory pseudotumour of the liver
4.  The influence of clinical and histopathological characteristics upon survival in melanoma patients
5.  Oxigen-derived free radical reactions in experimental acute pancreatitis of the dog
6.  Preserved tendon grafts in reconstructive hand surgery: a review
7.  The role of Ca2+ level in liver transplantation
8.  "Second-look" operations in patients with colorectal tumour
9.  Study of the endotoxin sensitivity of pregnant rats and their fetuses
10.  Thoracic surgery in the elderly: rewiev of loo cases
11.  Transvaginal operation of the Stein-Leventhal syndrome: description of a new operative technique

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