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Izotóptechnika, diagnosztika - 1994. 37. évf. ksz.
Kapcsolódó tételek

1.  Cytokines in the prevention on radiation-induced thymic lymphomas in mice
2.  Effects of recombinant human interleukin-6 (rhil-6) on platelet counts, platelet functions and other hematological parameters in dogs exposed to a total body radiation dose of 2.4 Gy
3.  Előszó
4.  The emerging of a new paradigm - Introductory lecture
5.  Evaluation of accidental acute irradiated persons with respect to therapeutic measurment
6.  Genotoxic effect of recombinant cytokines in human lymphocytes in vitro
7.  Haematopoietic growth factor therapeutic potential in the treatment of accidental irradiation induced aplasia
8.  Induction of cytokine production in irradiated mice
9.  Induction of tumor necrosis factor alpha by radiodetoxified endotoxin in mice
10.  New data about the radioprotective effects of IL-1 and TNF on haematopoietic and intestinal stem cells in mice
11.  Postirradiation bone marrow damage in chickens
12.  Radiation effects on the cytokine release from human leucocytes
13.  Tumor necrosis factor alpha production in irradiated cells in vitro

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