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Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine - 1995. 1. évf. 1. sz.
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1.  Biological monitoring in lead exposure
2.  Blood lead concentrations of Hungarian children living in a suburban area surrounding a former lead processing plant
3.  Combined effects of binary solvent mixtures
4.  Comparison of indoor - outdoor air lead pollution for an urban area in Budapest
5.  Comparison of the health of the miners of undeground mines and bituminous coal mines
6.  Environmental health assessment of irritants and heavy metals in Transylvania, Rumania
7.  Guidelines for management of health care wastes in Hungary
8.  Lung dust loads monitored by noninvasive magnetometric method
9.  The occurrence of sister chromatid exchanges in lymphocytes of radon-exposed underground ore miners
10.  Some biological effects selected inorganic fibrous dusts on rat alveolar macrophages and blood parameters after intratracheal instillation

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