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Lee, Hae Kook - Kapcsolódó tételek

1.  Gaming disorder: Its delineation as an important condition for diagnosis, management, and prevention
2.  Including gaming disorder in the ICD-11: The need to do so from a clinical and public health perspective : Commentary on: A weak scientific basis for gaming disorder: Let us err on the side of caut...
3.  Internet, gaming, and smartphone usage patterns of children and adolescents in Korea: A c-CURE clinical cohort study
4.  Joint effects of children's emotional problems and parental depressive symptoms on the occurrence of internet gaming disorder among children and adolescents: A longitudinal study
5.  Low self-control and aggression exert serial mediation between inattention/hyperactivity problems and severity of internet gaming disorder features longitudinally among adolescents
6.  Reciprocal relationship between depression and Internet gaming disorder in children: A 12-month follow-up of the iCURE study using cross-lagged path analysis
7.  Risk factors and outcomes of internet gaming disorder identified in Korean prospective adolescent cohort study

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