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Lau, Joseph T. F. - Kapcsolódó tételek

1.  Bidirectional predictions between Internet addiction and probable depression among Chinese adolescents
2.  Insomnia partially mediated the association between problematic Internet use and depression among secondary school students in China
3.  The mediation role of work-life balance stress and chronic fatigue in the relationship between workaholism and depression among Chinese male workers in Hong Kong
4.  Motives for online gaming questionnaire: Its psychometric properties and correlation with Internet gaming disorder symptoms among Chinese people
5.  Online social networking addiction and depression: The results from a large-scale prospective cohort study in Chinese adolescents
6.  Potential roles of masculine role discrepancy, discrepancy stress, and self-esteem in affecting addictive use of social networking sites among Chinese men: A random population-based study
7.  Prevalence and associated factors of Internet gaming disorder among community dwelling adults in Macao, China
8.  The psychometric properties of the Revised Illness Perception Questionnaire (IPQ-R) regarding Internet gaming disorder in a general population of Chinese adults

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